Over the past year we have seen a large increase in the number of Ransomware outbreaks. The first thing to keep in mind is:

We do NOT recommend you pay to get your data back as there are no guarantees that your data can be restored anyway.

We DO recommend several software tools that you can use to proactively protect your computer and data. That said, without a good system level (bare-metal) backup (which includes Windows, programs, settings and data) there is a strong chance your data may not be recoverable.

And above all, you should strongly consider Cloud-based services offering low cost options of protection and data recovery to help defeat Ransomware attacks.

Essential Technologies has helped many clients store ALL of their company data in the cloud and our recommended solution includes desktop backup and real time synchronization of all key data files and folders.

For example, if a ransomware event happens you can easily roll back your data to a point in time, let’s say 1 hour ago or 1 day ago, and have all of files restored immediately to a fully functioning working state.

The best part of the cloud solution is that it works for EVERYTHING — Windows, Macs, tablet devices like iPad and Microsoft Surface, and even smartphones like iPhone and Droids.

To summarize, this cloud-based data solution gives you:

  • Full secure access to your data.
  • The ability to manage data security.
  • An audit trail.
  • The capability to share data with external clients or vendors anywhere and anytime with a simple Internet connection.
  • Comprehensive data protection against malware, ransomware and computer equipment failure.

If you’re ready to defend your business please give us a call at 877.487.9797 x100 or send an email to info@essentialtechnologies.com.

We’ll assist you with moving to the convenience, flexibility, and protection of your data stored in the Cloud.